BuildEx | Shaw Family Showcases Sunroom | Chapel Hill, NC

   A beam of afternoon sunlight shines through the tall new windows as homeowner, Mark Shaw, discusses the sunroom addition to his Chapel Hill home. The room is a fresh, octagonal shape and features gorgeous Mediterranean floor tiles and a sharp and modern ribbon flame gas fireplace. Mr. Shaw and his wife, Janet, have just finished furnishing the room so that it seamlessly blends with the rest of their BuildEx built home.


   “We definitely did not want it to look like it was added on—from the inside or the outside,” Mr. Shaw explains. “We wanted it to look like it was part of the original plan.”


     The Shaws’ house was built by Brian Ehrenfeld of BuildEx in 2007 for different owners, but in 2013 the Shaws bought the house and quickly fell in love. When Mrs. Shaw decided she wanted a sunroom outside the living room and kitchen, she and Mr. Shaw knew that they had to contact the original builder for the project. After being able to appreciate the quality of their house and a few meetings with Brian, they realized they did not need to talk with any other builders. 

     “From the very beginning, Brian came over, sat down, and talked about the space,” Mr. Shaw says. “Together we worked out a kind of conceptual idea of what it would look like.” 


         The Shaws emphatically spoke about Brian’s incredible work, as well as his ability to work with homeowners on a personal and attentive level. In describing the best things about the project and working with Brian, Mr. Shaw said, “We are thrilled at the outcome, we are impressed with Brian’s skillset and his competence, and we are inspired by his dedication to the project. He’s very sensitized to the potential impacts he might have on our day-to-day living in here. He’s very courteous and I’ve never seen him get ruffled. Moreover, he hears what you’re trying to say.”

       Mr. Shaw went on to say that Brian’s work ethic in general exceeded any expectations held for the project. “Ideally people, service people, builders and constructors, should be as dedicated as he is, but they’re not,” Mr. Shaw explains.  “From my perspective he’s like a role model for other people in this business. We would absolutely choose Brian again for another project in the future. In fact, I’ve already recommended him.”